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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  September 24, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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contract has been disconnected and a police investigation is underway. students are just upset more research wasn't done on the promotor. >> everyone is excited to book her, but at the same time no one was really thinking is this really her? >> reporter: a school spoke person tells us the students will be refunded and the school will review procedures for booking concerts so they don't get duped again. the news keeps coming. here's brian bolter with the news edge at 11:00. >> a thief in the night. the news edge on a string of burglaries in fairfax county has neighborhoods on high alert. tonight police linked the brazen burglar to dozens of crimes and fear there may be more. fox 5's roz plater live in the newsroom to kick things off. >> one of the victims told me tonight he had fallen asleep on his couch about 2:00 in the morning. he heard a noise and thought he was dreaming. turns out he wasn't. that bold burglar walked right through the unlocked front door. tonight police are worried the stakes may be even higher now that burglar has gotten his hands on two handguns.
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in just the past month fairfax county police say a lone burglar has struck at least 64 times and boy, is he ever brazen. >> he doesn't seem to care whether you're home or not. that's the part that scares me. >> reporter: in fact, investigators say it seems his preferred method is to sneak in while folks are sleeping and it's strictly cash and carry. >> he will take purses, money clips, cash located inside the home. e will also take car keys from -- he will also take car keys from inside the homes, go outside to the locked vehicles and enter the vehicles outside. >> reporter: but what worries police even more now is that the thief has stolen two hand guns. >> obviously we're very concerned for the residents at this point. >> reporter: the burglar has mostly struck subdivisions in the northern part of the county often where the homes are surrounded by woods set back off the beaten path. >> how they get in the neighborhood by foot or car, we don't know. >> reporter: police say in almost every case an unlocked door has been a virtual calling card for the thief.
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>> we've always left everything open and the original owners who have lived here for 32 years, i mean they left doors open, but now everybody locks their doors. >> reporter: the rash of burglaries has changed all that. neighbors are being more careful watching out for each other mindful that someone out there may be targeting them. >> not only do we want people to call fuss they see someone suspicious in their -- us if they see someone suspicious in their neighborhood, but do your part by locking those doors making more of a deterrent for the suspect. >> reporter: police stepped up their search but have very little to go on. he's been spotted but only in the dark. they know he's probably 5' 8 to 5' 10, about 150 to 175 pounds. police are going back over their records believing there may be even more cases connected to him. 21 pounds of pot concealed in 20 packages of chocolate, that's what a customs and border protection canine unit found inside an air shipment at dulles airport. the dog alerted officers to the
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mailbag containing the marijuana worth nearly 17 grand on its way from mexico to new york. you've seen the video by now, right? fire tearing through homes in a northern virginia neighborhood thursday. the flames taking down three houses despite the best efforts of more than 100 firefighters. today we've obtained the 911 calls placed from tillett loop in manassas. fox 5's bob barnard with the worried voices behind the dramatic pictures of yesterday's fire. >> reporter: as soon as the first smoke and flames appeared, the calls started coming in. >> 911. where is your emergency? >> there's a house burning in su you tell where the fire is? >> it looks like it's in the rear of the house. >> okay. like the deck or something? >> i can't tell. i'm down the street and i mean it's just plumes of black smoke now, the whole pretty much neighborhood getting engulfed in black smoke right now. >> reporter: a young man inside the house where the fire started was the first to call. >> 911. where is your emergency?
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>> come quick, come quick! fire, fire. >> reporter: it's the 8300 block of tillett loop in manassas, his house the middle of three that would be eventually destroyed. >> what's on fire? >> my deck, my house! >> your house is on fire? >> it's spreading quick. >> get everybody out, okay? i'm going to get units out this. >> hurry, hurry. >> reporter: he was home alone. >> what's on fire? >> the backdoor. >> the backdoor? >> the backyard. >> the backyard is on fire. >> reporter: coughing from the smoke the young man knows his home is doomed. >> man, my house is going to be done. >> reporter: in the neighborhood late today those living nearby recall the intensity of the day. >> when you have firefighters outside your house telling you be prepared, get your things together, it's scary. what can you do? for the two hours before that they had the fire under control we were just literally on stand- by. >> reporter: the questions still to be answered tonight is how the fire started. bob barnard, fox 5 news. >> the silver lining here,
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nobody seriously hurt, just a couple minor injuries. a wild police chase that began in prince george's county ends with a shootout in the district. officers were chasing two cars, a honda and toyota avalon both believed involved in a carjacking early this morning on silver hill road. the suspects in the hyundai bailed out at 31st and g streets south -- in the honda bailed out at 31st and g streets south and exchanged gunfire with police. a vigil for a prince george's county woman struck and killed by a car. shawn yancy swhere at 11:00. >> natasha petty -- is everywhere at 11:00. >> natasha pettigrew was training alone for a triathlon when an suv hit and killed her along route 202 sunday. the drive did not stop but later called -- driver did not stop but later called police to say she thought she hit a deer. no charges were filed. in georgia a fourth alleged victim filed a lawsuit accusing an atlanta pastor of sexual
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misconduct. three of the young men were members of bishop eddie long's megachurch. they say he seduced them with cars and money in exchange for sex. long denies the allegation. in florida the search for three bank robbers continues. fbi agents say they kidnapped a teller early this morning strapping a possible explosive to his chest and using him to steal money from a bank near the university of miami. the teller got away unharmed. hundreds of employees left in the dark after a light bubble factory in our area -- bulb factory in our area turned out the lights for good, that story coming up. plus comedy on capitol hill, stephen colbert faces off with lawmakers. did members of congress appreciate his humor? >> really hot. you know that, though, but a cooldown is coming for the weekend. we'll have your complete forecast, some rain ahead, too. but first a quick check of our rundown, friday night six minutes past the hour. hang tight. we're back.
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>> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. ÷1x0x0÷1÷1÷?÷???
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the developer of a controversial mosque near ground zero will be in our area next month. sheriff al gamal will speak at a fundraiser for the council on islamic american relations in arlington october 9th. he made headlines after news broke he wanted to turn this building near ground zero into an islamic center. comedian stephen colbert was on capitol hill today. he was invited to testify at a house subcommittee hearing today because he volunteered to work as a migrant worker for one day. the fake newsman testified in character about illegal immigration and migrant farming in a way only he could. >> america's farms are presently far too dependent on immigrant labor to pick our fruits and vegetables. now the obvious answer is for all of us to stop eating fruits and vegetables. >> some republicans publicly
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said democrats were wrong for inviting him to speak about such serious issues. others say colbert used humor to bring attention to issues not talked about enough. unused or old prescription drugs, don't flush them down the drain. shawn yancy is back with your fox 5 top five. >> up first tonight how to get rid of any old outdated prescription medication the right way. no. 5, don't flush it, don't throw it away. give it to the government. the dea and local law enforcement offices will be collected old unwanted prescriptions saturday between 10:00 and 2:00. it's an effort to prevent the rising problems of pill abuse and theft. you can find dropoff locations in maryland and virginia on no. 4, a traffic alert, ramps to telegraph road and perishing avenue now closed for work on the wilson bridge project. two new ramps open tomorrow at the tell graph road interchange with the beltway. vdot recommends alternate
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routes be used tonight. no. 3, give yourself extra time if you're riding metro this weekend. crews will be making upgrades on the orange, blue, yellow and green lines. metro advises an extra 30 minutes. no. 2, now if you have questions about getting around on metro this weekend, don't call them because you won't be able to get through. a pipe burst flooding the building that houses the phone lines for some of metro's customer call centers. instead metro suggests checking out its website. and no. 1 tonight, our long hot just really hot summer earned us the no. 1 spot on the weather channel's list of the region with the worst summer this year. we beat out little rock arkansas which hit 107 last month and by the way, the d.c. area no. 2 on the weather channel's list for the worst winter this year. how about that. both of them winter and summer. that's a look at tonight's fox 5 top five. back to you. fall not starting off much
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better either. record shattering heat. is cooler weather finally on the way in. gary is back with your full forecast. plus it's lights out for yet another u.s. manufacturing facility this time in winchester. ♪
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did you see this? a fight between two high school girls posted on youtube and landed one of the girl's mothers in jail. the video was shot in palm met owe florida. one of the girl's -- palmetto in florida. one of the girl's mothers could be seen egging the girls on. some of the students involved could face disciplinary action. . 200 workers are losing their jobs in virginia. winchester ge factory started producing incandescent light bulbs in 1975 closed forever today. fox 5's john henrehan has more on the disappointing decision to shut it down by ge. >> reporter: at a sprawling factory complex just south of winchester millions and millions of light bulbs have been manufactured. these are incandescent light bulbs, the kind invented by thomas edison and they've been
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made this this virginia factory for 35 years. edwar jackson used to make them. >> send -- edward jackson used to make them. >> send them down the line on the machine, the machine turns them around and puts the fill amounts into the -- filaments into the bulb and the light and welded the base into the bulb. >> reporter: he said it was a decent job with very good pay and benefits but the market for incandescent light bulbs is declining quickly partly because of the consumer preference for more efficient lighting and partly because of international agreements that will phase out most old- fashioned bulbs in coming years. citing overcapacity, rising costs and inefficiencies, ge decided to close its winchester light bulb factory forever. thursday was the last day of production. the former employees at this plant got a pretty good going away package including severance pay for long time workers, early retirement and pension options, medical, dental and life insurance for a
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year and preferential placement at other ge factories in the u.s., but locals don't like the decision to leave. >> i think it's a shame. our community needs the jobs. now people are without jobs. how are they going to support their families? >> it seems like everything is going to china or other countries. they're selling out our country really. >> reporter: the president of the regional chamber of commerce points out the winchester area has 5,000 other businesses and he hopes some other company will move into the sprawling ge factory, but for now 200 high paying jobs are gone and the lights are out at ge in winchester. john henrehan, fox 5 news. a heck of a start to fall. it doesn't get much hotter than it did today around here. >> this would be the 99 we had for a high today in a normal summer would rival the hottest day of the entire summer. >> yeah. >> not this year, though, no,
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no, no. hopefully this is it. you know, a couple weeks ago we were saying maybe it was it and then this little mini heatwave, i'll use that term loosely, lack of a better term here, but you know what i mean. that temperature of 99 for a high today and it was a record breaker at all three airports and you know we just talked a little bit about it being, you know, the worst summer as rated by the weather channel, whatever that means, but the spring was the warmest spring on record. the summer was the warmest summer on record. june was the warmest june on record and july tied for that. you get the drift here? you can just imagine we've had this after that incredible winter weather we had. we're just hoping now we can keep these hurricanes away. we've done a good job pretty much so far this season, but we'll talk about something in a second. 80 degrees now. we've cool down 5 degrees since last hour. i've already told you about this, all record breaking high
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temperatures today, but the good news here is this is all moving away. let me show you tropical storm matthew, winds 50 miles per hour. it's weakening as it makes landfall down there in nicaragua. we can go over and show you this in satellite because i want to point something out here. there is the potential that matthew will actually or a piece of matthew will actually end up back out here in the caribbean, start getting stronger and break free to the north next week and actually come up towards florida and some of the guidance is suggesting that maybe this will end up in some way, shape or form coming up the east coast or maybe even diving up into the east coast late next week into the weekend. to be perfectly honest, the charts have been all over on what's going to happen next week, but want to give you a little heads up. let me show you the official forecast for matthew because it does take it on off to the west and it weakens it, about the again something from this next week will develop down here in
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the caribbean again and we'll be watching it very, very closely. back here at home some clouds, a mild overnight temperature of 71 degrees, winds out of the southwest at 5 to 10, not so hot tomorrow. mostly sunny, though, a little breezy, winds out of the west 10 to 15. not only do we have to deal with potentially some sort of tropical system next week, but we'll also be dealing with this cut-off area of low pressure really late in the weekend and monday, tuesday of next week this will get closer to us and it's going to bring us a very good chance of getting some rain around here, not for the weekend. looks like the rain shows up monday and tuesday. we could get some good rain, too hopefully maybe an inch or 2 around here out of that, but the weekend not bad, warm tomorrow, much cooler sunday with mostly cloudy skies. that's your forecast. have a great weekend. stick around, though. lindsay murphy is coming back with sports when the edge continues.
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good evening. i'm lindsay murphy. after consecutive home games the redskins are hitting the road to face the 0-2 rams sunday. albert haynesworth was inactive last week with a bum ankle. he practiced this week but mike shanahan won't say if bill al will be active for the game. there are seven players listed as questionable, haynesworth, anthony armstrong, horton, moore, landry, portis and trent williams, but there is good news regarding williams. the rookie left tackle participated in practice today for the first time all week after suffering a new contusion
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and toe sprain last sunday. if williams is unable to go, coach shanahan is confident in the ability of his backup. >> we got a pretty good situation. we've had jamaal play the left side. he's obviously pro bowl player at the left side. can he play the right sides. that's a big advantage for us if trent's want able to go, but hopefully -- not able to go, but hopefully he will be. >> it's a great opportunity, a chance to go out and show i can play both sides. just got to continue to play hard and show he them i can do it. >> on the other sideline the rams are rebuilding just one in 17 in their last 18 games with no wins in their last nine home games, but last year they lost to the redskins only 9-7 and they've got the no. 1 pick in this year's draft sam bradford quarterbacking the team. the skins know they cannot take their opponent lightly. >> week in, week out i got a mindset. i try not to play down to my
11:25 pm
opponents' ability. it's all about us. it's all about what we create and what we can do. >> we got to go in there with the mindset we know they'll play a good game at their home. most teams do. you don't get caught up in the records in the nfl week in, week out. it's just a matter of how you play. to the college ranks, maryland will face an 0-2 team tomorrow hosting florida international. the terps were outplayed by west virginia last week trailing 28-0 in the 3rd quarter. this is a game they need to win to get back on track. >> this is a very important game in our schedule. i think it's veryborne for to us reestablish some momentum and -- very important for us to reestablish some moment up and really focus on -- moment ultimate and really focus on what we have to do to win this baseball game. to baseball, adam dunn was back tonight after being held out yesterday with a bruised right elbow. it was good he was back, dunn's first in second at bats, both
11:26 pm
home runs and both off tim hudson. dunn 36 and 37th homers of the year four behind nl leader albert pujols. to the 7th nats up 6-1, willie harris driving the ball to deep center oh the head of nate -- over the head of nate mcclout and off the wall. willie was thinking three bases, but hey, why not go for four and he's coming home. it's an inside the park home run for willie harris, the second in nats history. they win the game 8-3. elsewhere the orioles visiting the blue jays. jose valtiste starting the year with 59 career homers. this season he's blasted 51 and 52. they both happened tonight against the orioles. the jays win 6-4. one final note, the wizards signed andray blatche to a contract extension and exercised their fourth year
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option on center javale mcgee. that's a look at sports. we'll be right back. .
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four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again
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tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do. we end the news edge with a special note. a purple heart


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